Monday, August 07, 2006

The Secret Lives of Start-up CEOs

OK, so this post headline reads like it was lifted from the tabloids or something. But it's really not that sinister. I got an e-mail from Nathan Kaiser who runs a great site called Nathan interviews CEOs around the country and posts the transcripts. His site has some 135 interviews already and they cover some great companies: Reed Hastings / Netflix, Scott Heiferman /, Reid Hoffman / LinkedIn, Bob Parsons /, Jimmy Wales / WikiPedia, and the list goes on. All interviews are searchable by keyword, company and CEO. He's got an RSS feed too, 'natch.

This site is great not only for entrepreneurs seeking inspiration (Nathan always asks what inspired these CEOs to start their companies), but also for people interviewing at these companies (because Nathan asks about hiring practices). Check it out! -Mark


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