Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Happy New Year everyone! For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the results of the FinNode / Red Herring / Nokia business plan competition, we have selected the list of 10 finalists:

- AiroMediaTech (USA)
- Childs Capital LLC (USA)
- Extreme AI, Inc (USA)
- Geniem Ltd. (Finland)
- GDM Group (Russia)
- Intellareturn Corp (USA)
- Mobile Backstage (Finland)
- N2N Consulting (Singapore)
- SMS Card (United Kingdom)
- TalkPlus, Inc (USA)

In the six weeks that we had our call-for-entires open we had 14,388 visitors to the competition site, served 2,184 downloads of the entry form and received 95 completed business plans. We had entries from all over the world including India, Singapore, Russia, Finland, Italy, UK and even Afganistan.

The 10 finalists above will be making their presentations in-person in front of an expert judging panel later this month. We have recruited an A-list set of judges including Janice Roberts from Mayfield, Nokia Ventures, Nexit Ventures, Garage Ventures and others. Moderating our panel will be Joe Jasin from Helio. If you want to be considered for an invitation to attend the after-party on January 24th in Santa Clara, send me an eMail to mark 'at' rocketscience 'dot' com.

Best to all, -Mark


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